Jobs for Security guards in Turkey

Turkey is the safest country for foreigners. A well develop company of Canada introduced bundles of jobs for the security guard. One’s who want to visit turkey, this news will encourage them. Turkey is a beautiful country. It is an Islamic state but its rules and regulations are not as strict as other Muslim countries. So if you will go there you find delicious food and the essence of natural elegance.

This job opportunity will open the next doorstep for you. Company announced handsome amount of pay to the security guards. People use to go there and carve their ways to successful jobs. Turkey is economically strong so the company which is hiring employees will  pay you a handsome amount of money.

Incentives for security guard

  • The company will grant medical aid to those who will fulfil fulfils desired targets  
  •  life insurance, 
  • sick pay (where it is needed )
  • b iness discounts
  • , bonuses and much more!
  •  We also offer part-time and adaptable schedules!

Duties of professional security guard

As a Professional Security Guard for the republic of Turkey  concerned security person will be accountable for the Security and protection of our client’s property and personnel.

As a Security Guard, you should know all site-specific agreements and protocols,

  if  you will see some inappropriate things and incidents then you will be active and fearless and  implement emergency response activities appropriately

Terms and policies for salesman

  • At least  18 years of age
  • Acquire a high school degree or equivalent, or 5 years supportable experience
  • Possess logical written and oral skills of Turkish or English language  
  • The employee must attain a background inquiry and a drug screening by all federal and local laws
  • The employee must contain a valid Driver’s License with  one year of driving experience
  • Good communication skills
  • Have moderate computer skills to operate technology and mobile phones
  • Ability to deal with crises situation at the client territory, calmly and intellectually

Eligible to:

  • Work in numerous settings such as cold conditions, rain/snow or heat
  •  Pick up and carry heavy loads up to 60 pounds
  • Climb stairs, or ladders sometimes during shift
  • Stand or walk on various surfaces for long periods
  • Response instantly whenever directions will be given to him

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Apply for or getting more information about these jobs then click on the link SECURITY JOBS IN TURKEY

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