Taiwan is a country which economy is boosting day by day because of its successive exports to the international market. Its exports include information and communication technology, semiconductors, electronics and automobiles etc.

So the country’s economy hugely depends upon exports moreover the economic growth of the country is quite good. Therefore It is estimated as a high-income economic country by the world bank.


Educational Requirements.

  • A high school degree is necessary for this job
  • The age limit for the job is  18 to 47
  • Effective-communication skills are necessary.
  • Mastery in speaking and writing of English language
  • Essential math skills are crucial for different mathematical operations.
  • Physical and psychological requirements
  • Psychologically and physically fit person would be hired
  • The candidate should be aware of the country’s rules and ethics
  • The country wants enthusiastic, practical, skilful competitors
  • Skills of teamwork are significant because in factories you have to interact with various people

Responsibilities of factory workers in Taiwan

Examining the safety measures of the product. Checking the quality of product operating and maintaining machines are the primary responsibility of factory workers. Assembling of stocks and readying them for sale.

Reporting of problems to the manager. Administer to control danger is a crucial responsibility of factory workers Creation of effective setting for work is also the foremost responsibility of factory workers Carrying of products from one place to another place is also lies under the responsibilities of factory workers Allowances

So the company is formulating developmental strategies for allowances. Therefore it is based on the performance of the candidate hence, ones who work hard, therefore, the company will benefit you more. Different companies are offering different allowances for their employees besides this Taiwan is also one of the safest places for living.

 Income and residential facilities in Taiwan

The company furthermore grants promotions and increments with basic pays along this company will give you residency and medical aid.

How to apply


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