Today everyone is seeking jobs, at this time companies are offering multiple jobs for drivers in Canada. So the ones who are willing can apply for this job. Everyone from Dubai and outside Dubai can apply. Therefore the company is offering a handsome amount of money.

Don’t lose this opportunity if you think that this opportunity benefits you. Everyone can apply without any discrimination. If you think this opportunity suits you do avail it.

These are not only jobs but these are the great opportunity to set the life goal in canada

 Requirements for jobs in canada

  • Candidates should  have a valid driving license
  • Therefore candidates must know the English language for communication
  • Education is not mandatory for the candidates
  • Foreigners should have visas and other travelling documents with them.
  • One who can drive heavy vehicles like buses, trucks, automatic and manual vehicles can apply for the job and would get the preference
  • 1 year of experience is necessary for the job
  • Candidates should be aware of traffic signals
  • Candidates should have good verbal communication
  • Should have comprehensive information the  about operating areas of vehicle
  • Therefore candidates should have competency in operating different areas of vehicle
  • Company office driver
  • House driver
  • Pet taxi driver
  • Heavy bus and truck driver
  • Family driver
  • Couriers driver


  • The company will give you basic facilities like free medical care and residential facility  
  • Apart from this company will give you so incentives like increments with basic pay, if you perform well
  • Unlike other facilities, the company will give you a bonus.
  • If you need any other information regarding these jobs then click the link below the video
  • Company announces other packages of maintenance of the vehicle, travel and fuel cost

If you need any information about this job click the link Driver jobs in Canada

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